February 23, 2018

Robert De Niro begins filming in Panama – Hands of Stone


Panama, Nov. 19 (Prensa Latina) U.S. actor Robert de Niro and immersed himself in his role as Ray Arcel, coach Panamanian boxer Roberto Duran Hands of Stone, in the film Hands of Stone rolling in Panama Jonathan Jakubowicz.De Niro came to Panama yesterday and today participates in the filming of scenes involving him in the film that recreates the life of Panamanian puncher, a national legend. This part of the film takes place in the Harmodios Arias Madrid Campus, University of Panama, with participation of the Venezuelan Edgar Ramirez in the title role of Duran and Ruben Blades who plays Carlos Eleta, attorney for the boxer. The film started filming on October 20 and has spent very popular in places like Santa Ana, San Felipe, El Chorrillo, Bella Vista and the building of the Canal Administration, plus Portobelo in Colon province. Jakubowicz, also from Venezuela and also author of the script, is credited as director Kidnapping Express, which launched him successfully to Roll and expects to get good match “Hands of Stone”, which is the Spanish title of the film. Durán was born 62 years ago in a poor neighborhood of Panama and became one of the most important fighters of Latin America to achieve four world titles during his career, which ran from 1967 to 2002. The film is made ​​with a budget of 14 million dollars, of which five million are going to pocket De Niro, and its release date is still unknown, according sales agency Lotus Entertainment, although Jakubowicz said that filming will end on December 20.

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