April 20, 2018


GP Productions provides professional audio and video production services to a wide range of productions in Panama – from standard ENG crews to current affairs reports and documentary films involving research and planning, to corporate or commercial video productions focusing on an organization, a production process, still photo shoots and so forth.We have been a film, video and media production company for the last eleven years. Our customers are international production companies, advertising agencies, public and private organizations as well as commercial companies. We are very experienced in catering for the needs of European, American and Asian video producers arriving to Panama to complete segments of their films, and in many cases we produce a turn-key project – from research through production to post production and delivery.All of our video camera-persons are experienced videographers, able to work as one-man-bands taking both picture and sound. In other cases, a bigger crew may be necessary to do the job. Highlight will arrange the best crew based on your needs, language preferences and type of production.We are now offering camera crews in a variety of formats – from DV and DVCAM through Beta and Digital Beta to HDV and full High Definition camera sets, as well as DS and full High Definition editing and post production facilities in all formats.Please check this website regarding our specialty filming – aerial and underwater filming per request.

Contact us about your project. We would be glad to advise you about producing your video in Panama.Please check the categories of the Production Services menu for the category you are looking for.

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