April 20, 2018


GP Productions provides assistance for foreign camera crews arriving to Panama for news, documentary and corporate video productions. 

Call us at +507 62157178. GP Productions provides all the local services for video and film crews arriving to Panama. We have provided production services throughout Panama for hundreds of documentary films, corporate videos and feature film productions in high definition and 3D film / video.Our experienced producers can prepare all the professional work in advance: coordinate the local film crew, arrange interviews,find locations, obtain the necessary filming permits and any needed assistance in research or coordination before the arrival of your film crew to Panama, thereby saving you valuable time and money.We have  production crews who are fluent in many languages. All operations are coordinated by our main office fixers / coordiantors.For logistics, we can assist you with a fast and convenient pass through customs, arranging an airport pick up and preparing any necessary equipment to be rented in Panama.

Finding attractive deals with local hotels and providing visiting producers with Panama cellular phones saves hundreds of Dollars in a busy two-day production. In addition, there are many other ways we can assist you with your production in Panama. Contact us and we would be glad to offer our advice and assistance.

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